We own zippy cars. We rarely get to enjoy driving them in the city. We love long-drives on highways. We travel between cities. We dither from self-driving owing to cost considerations. We have seats vacant. We can Offer Seats.

We find it difficult to get confirmed tickets by train for an impromptu trip. Ditto, even if we plan in advance, for the festive season. We find buses quoting rates through the roof. We are seeking an alternative. We Search for seats.

Sign Up with CoYatri. The green enabler . Offer. Search. Match. Unleash the latent power of your resources. Benefit mutually. All the way!

Team CoYatri comprises of value conscious professionals. We abhor waste. There are many dormant assets we own. Idling them makes our hearts bleed. CoYatri aims at connecting the source and sink. Completing the circuit. Making the energy flow. Lighting lamps of happiness.

CoYatri embarks on this journey of value unleashing by enabling synergy of Yatris heading in the same direction! CoYatri will be enhancing the value proposition by bringing in other components of the travel ecosystem in a phased manner.

Sudheer Gaddam

Investor - Okhlahoma State University 1993, Program Management, Automotive, Health care

Krishna Vedula

CTO - Okhlahoma State University 1993, Software Architecture, Technology, Big Data Analytics


Marketing Manager.

Chandra Mouli Vedula

Project Manager

Vijay Dhavala

Advisor - IIT Madras 1989, Operations, Consulting, 6-Sigma, Philosophy

Team Coyatri believes wisdom is not prerogative of a select few. It welcomes feedback. Suggestions for improving the scope as well as mechanism in the offerings may please be sent to info@coyatri.com.